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What's the Revolution of Winning?

You know what you should do?

You've hired coaches. You're neck deep in unfinished courses. And yet you haven't followed through to see the ROI from those investments.

AND it isn’t because there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

You have just been so busy putting everyone else first – clients, customers and your inner circle, that you haven’t given your business the time and attention it deserves.

But here’s the biggest problem…

You are extremely good at STARTING, yet you keep dropping the ball on the FINISHING.

And it isn’t because you don’t know what to do… it’s because you have so many OPTIONS of what you COULD do that the curse of knowledge PARALYZES you.

That’s where GAMES come in to play. (It’s a pun… get it?)

Running a Successful Business isn't hard. It's BORING.

Yup. You read that right.

In today’s world of business, it’s a series of incredibly mundane tasks that most of us plain and simply aren’t inspired to do.

Whether you are new in business or a veteran, there are menial tasks that have to be completed in order for a business to gain traction, grow or thrive.

Let’s be real: If you are here, you aren’t the type of person that just power through your to-do list…

You need a little help to make it more interesting. And nothing makes getting things more interesting that prizes and pride on the line.

The Revolution of Winning gives your business what it needs:

  • Weekly “Short Games” to Create Momentum
  • Weekly reporting on data to validate your growth
  • Automated messages to alert you & keep you on track
  • A highly-active membership community that keeps productivity in your Facebook Feed
  • Monthly “GamePlan” Sessions where you get support on goal setting for the quarter
  • 2 ReGroup Sessions/month to keep you on track toward monthly goals
  • Live coaching on one business question during ReGroup Sessions
  • The SIMPLE Success Cycle to help you identify your business tasks
  • Team Mates or Partners in specific games to help you comfortably network
  • Optional Teams for Daily or Weekly Check-ins via Facebook Messenger
  • A supportive Facebook Community to share questions, wins, vulnerability or insight

What does a game look like?

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.44.36 PM

Games are based on simple, easy to play games that most five-year olds could understand, to make game play easy across digital platforms.

Games consist of voluntary players, easy to understand rules, a ‘board’, and a prize of Expansion Pack Points that are awarded to winners and can be used in the Expansion Pack Store at a future date.

Moves in the game are based on tasks that the player NEEDS to complete in their business, based on our planning calls and sessions. Occasionally a game will give specific tasks if the group is working towards a particular result, but tasks are open ended to allow players to do what their business needs at any given time.

Expansion packs help give players specific tasks and business strategies for goals, specific platforms or other areas Business Owners commonly need help with.

The Mission of The Revolution of Winning

Selling Saves Lives

Have you ever considered that in someone’s darkest moment, YOUR product, service or experience could be the thing that helps pull them through?

Whether you sell a bar of soap or a high-ticket coaching package, or something in between, in The Revolution of Winning, we believe that Selling Saves Lives.

This is why we are extremely passionate about helping you get what you do out into the world, and doing it in a way that supports YOU so that you can keep going to impact more lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Revolution of Winning Designed for?

While the principles of The Revolution of Winning make changing behavior possible for many different areas of life, the main-level membership is designed to primarily help business owners who have been in business for 1-5 years, but haven’t been able to achieve the consistency in their business that it takes for them to achieve five-figure months.

They struggle with Shiny Object Syndrome and bounce from idea to idea, yet rarely finish what they started. They are charismatic, kind and compassionate, and know they have the capacity to achieve their goals if they can just get out of their own way and stay focused on one goal for a consistent period of time.

Please Note: Some business owners who have achieve five-figure months join us because consistency is still important in their business as well, so they join us for the competitive push to help them stay focused on higher-level goals. The VIP gamification program is designed for entrepreneurs at this level who want to retain existing clientelle and get better results for their customers or clients than ever before.

What if I don't understand how to play a game?

It means you are normal!

The same way that when you are learning to play a board or video game there are learning curves, is the same way you learn to play games in The Revolution of Winning. Beth or and admin gently redirects if a comment is posted on the wrong part of the thread, but it’s NO. BIG. DEAL.

We are a very kind community, and no one will treat you badly as you learn to play!

What am I committing to when I join?

You are committing to monthly payments for 12 months. We are an annual membership because of what this program is about! Consistency and focus!

You have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  1. Weekly “Short Games” where you can get tasks done in your business, and earn Expansion Pack Points that can be used to purchase focused game packs that help you get more done in a specific area of your business in less time.
  2. Monthly “Long Games” where you complete weekly data reports and we see who statistically grows their business the best each month.


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