The Business Revolution Conference


2019/08/01 09:00:00

DELTA MARRIOT | MESA, AZ | AUGUST 1 & 2, 2019 | 9 AM-5 PM

What Women Say About Our Events:

Tracie Bieler Coach

“I came here expecting to learn about Marketing, and am leaving knowing exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Tracie Bieler, Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker

Beth Eastin better photo

“Within a week of attending the event, I had created $1,000 for my family that I hadn’t thought was possible before.”

Beth Eastin, SaladMaster Cooking Coach

Brianne Hidalgo

“After the event, I went home and finally executed on strategies we had talked about and I finally began making REAL money.”

Brianne Hidalgo, Documentary Photographer

How to Start Your Revolution:

The Business Revolution
The Business Revolution
The Business Revolution

You know what you should do?


You’ve probably been to events for your business before.

The ones that pumped you up, and the ones that felt like a whole lotta fluff, dragging on for days to lead you to a pitch fest.

So how will The Business Revolution be different?

In the LIVE Implementation. You won’t just learn fun ideas that you will never utilize. You’ll start using them ON THE SPOT.

You will walk away with your marketing strategy for 2019 mapped out and a clear understanding of why you’ve failed to cut through the noise of social marketing – and exactly what to do as the marketplaces feel more and more crowded.

This isn’t just another pep rally – this is the event that transforms how you run your business, once and for all.


Stacee Magee
Nicholle Caldwell
Kaite Lambert
Megan Good Geeked Out Media
Renee Lamb Job Exit Strategist
Beth Griffith
The Business Revolution Panelists

Two Days:

That's what it will take to learn what you need to learn and design your Marketing Plan that WORKS for YOU once and for all.

Business Revolution Planner

Your Business Revolution Planner & Workbook Provided

VIP Lunches with Speakers & Experts with live Q&A sessions

Walk away with more than ideas, as we implement strategies on the spot

Learn how to solve specific marketing problems during our real time coaching sessions

PLUS special BONUSES that will be shared live during the event

Snack & Lunch breaks will be scheduled during the day, with recommended locations for eating provided in your event program.


> Two Days of Business & Marketing Strategy

> LIVE Implementation of Strategy

> A Recyclable 90 Day Content Marketing Strategy

> A Personalized Strategy Workbook, Gifts & Swag

> Two Days of Business & Marketing Strategy

> LIVE Implementation of Strategy

> A Recyclable 90 Day Content Marketing Strategy

> A Personalized Strategy Workbook, Gifts & Swag

> VIP Lunches with Speakers, Sponsors & Experts

> LIVE Review of Marketing Implementation during the event

> 15 Minute Brutally Honest Brand Review of Your Online Presence with Beth Griffith

> Four tickets to Her Business Revolution for Guests

> Livestream & Blog with Backlinks featuring your business

> Social Media Features Before Event

> Vendor Table at the Event

> Swag Included in Swag Bags

> Logo or Advert included in Program


2019/08/01 09:00:00


Have you ever considered that in someone’s darkest moment, YOUR product, service or experience could be the thing that helps pull them through?

Whether you sell a bar of soap or a high-ticket coaching package, or something in between, at She Works Here we believe that Selling Saves Lives.

This is why we are extremely passionate about helping you get what you do out into the world, and doing it in a way that supports YOU so that you can keep going to impact more lives.


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