This is my brand story.

Hi. My name is Beth.

This is a story about me, and more importantly, if you just had the biggest launch of your business, it’s a story about you.


I had just closed the biggest launch of my business to date, and *it* started hitting the fan.

Running the launch was utterly exhausting and as soon as it was over, suddenly there was no reprieve. No recovery time. I was contracted to immediately step up and show up for my clients.

Two things happened: My mindset took a major hit… had I just sold something that I couldn’t deliver?

And second, I realized *I* was the beginning and end of my business.

Two weeks into the six month program I had just sold, my whole world fell apart.

I never saw it coming:

  • A business partner backed out of a major agreement.
  • My brother and I became estranged over a stupid argument.
  • And my dear cousin lost her husband to death by suicide after a years long battle with ‘suicide headaches’.

I quickly became aware of the fact that my business was not set up to provide the world-class customer service I had hoped to provide if I wasn’t on top of my mental game – and it is the job of my brand to adapt to my humanity first and foremost.

The guilt that weighed on my mind plagued me before my eyes even opened in the morning, and I knew I was letting my clients down. I knew that if I was to continue in my business, I would never allow myself to be trapped in such a vulnerable situation again.

I worked to up my game for my clients to get through the program, and at the end of it, I took time to asses what created the problem, and how to prevent it from happening ever again.

My 'personal brand' became my business's greatest vulnerability.

I had dreamed for years of hosting VIP retreats to work closely with clients and give them powerful, transformational experiences that would help them to show up in their businesses like never before.

And as they began coming in the room, I started to feel a little queasy. As the night went on, it escalated, and by the time I got home that night, I was worried all my clients might have food poisoning.

Fortunately, they didn’t. I, however, had the worst food poisoning of my entire life.

Newsflash: When everyone has come to see YOU, and you don’t have ANYONE able to step in for you, it puts you in a hairy spot.

As I laid on the couch, giving tasks and coaching, I realized two things: First, my brand wasn’t structured to accommodate retreats. Second, I knew what I needed: A rebrand.

Radical Self-Acceptance was key.

Here’s the blow that came to my ego: I wasn’t good at everything I had been doing in my business. In fact, there were a LOT of things that I really, truly sucked at.

But, I was really good at a lot of things: Turning abstract ideas into structures and systems that inspired people.

Seeing what needed to be said in moments to help businesses step up and take themselves seriously.

Working with people in person – everyone who worked with me both online and in person commented HEARTILY about how much more effective my message was when we were in the same room, belly to belly.

And selling – oh heavens, can I sell. If I could structure my brand to deliver all the things I was selling, then I could deliver a world-class experience to my clients.

So I reinvented my brand to account for ME.

I disconnected all emotion with my business and asked the best question I’ve ever learned to ask in my brand, “What does my BUSINESS need today?”

Disconnecting my ego from my business was critical: It meant that I could be honest with myself about what I needed to do, and what I needed to let my team do.

It ended up, I actually COULD let go of clients and team members who weren’t a fit for where the business was headed.

Whenever I taught a class, somewhere in the beginning, I would manage client expectations – “I’m far more Devil Wears Prada than Oprah.” They would never be surprised by my honest feedback again.

Structuring in feedback loops for improvement suddenly became a way to improve the BUSINESS, not a threat to my value as a human being, and I could improve my customer experience – making it a brand worth sharing.

Here’s what happened when I did that: I doubled my rates, and began having some of the biggest months in sales that I had ever had – without launches – repeatedly.

I was able to have reliable revenue to pay my team, to have the support to make my brand a GOOD experience for everyone involved – including me.

That's when the magic happened.

Once my brand was set up to account for me – I was able to be more honest and authentic in my messaging than ever before.

I finally showed up unapologetically, saying exactly what needed to be said, to whomever it needed to be said to – even if I still aimed to do it tactfully.

The quality of clients who were coming to me absolutely blew me out of the water. Driven, ambitious entrepreneurs who were willing to put in the work without being prodded along every step of the way!

They were exactly who I wanted to work with – and not just because they were paying my high-ticket rates! I was genuinely excited to work on their projects at every opportunity.

And that’s what I’m passionate about creating for my clients: A reinvention of their brand that accounts for EXACTLY who they are at their core.

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