Believe in Your Brilliance {Part 2}

Hey guys, Beth Griffith here. Thanks for coming back to part two of this video series.

Now, in this four part video series, I’m helping you to understand what it is that you need to be doing in your brand, so that you don’t experience burnout. You don’t experience feeling down and wanting to run away from what you do.
See, that’s something that I struggled with. And I outlined and told you a little bit about that in video one. So if you have not watched that yet, please go back. Watch that one first. Because it’s going to give you the context to understand what I’m going to be talking about in today’s video.

We’re going to be talking about the darkness.

We’re going to be talking about the struggle, about the burnout, about how difficult it was for me when I was not living with radical self acceptance in my brand. When I didn’t live that way, when my brand was not a clear reflection of exactly that there were so many terrible, terrible things that happened.

I had clients who are coming to me expecting me to be their best friend, and I’m not the best friend in your business.
I had people who wanted me to protect their feelings. And I am not the person that protects your feelings, in your business.

I’m the person that helps you to look at things different ways.
I’m the person that helps you to come up with systems and structures and strategies that makes it so that you’re actually able to communicate the complex ideas that you have.

However, here’s what my reality was, instead, because of how my brand was set up. I had clients who are coming to me saying, “Oh, hey, this is way too much work, you are throwing so much at us, we can’t possibly keep up.”

Well, here’snews flash for you.

Business is a lot of work. It takes so much radical self acceptance, it takes so much self awareness, to be able to build a brand that can be successful, to build a brand that gets you to your next revolution of who you are, who your brand is, and who it serves and how it makes money. It takes so much time, so much effort.
And despite the fact that a lot of people just want to tell you to show up authentically, you can’t do that.
Unless you have that self acceptance.

Let me take you back to a moment when I knew that something was so wrong.
I was actually on a client call with a group of clients and I could feel the stress in my belly. I could feel how intense I was in every fiber of my being. And as I’m looking at myself on this video call, all of a sudden, I see creeping up my face this red mass. And I was actually developing hives on a client call because of how stressed out I was, because I was feeling like I needed to be everyone’s best friend.
I felt like, “Oh, I need to protect their feelings. I need to show up in this particular way.” Because that’s what they want, instead of showing up as what they needed, but they needed was somebody that said, “Hey, no, sorry, that’s not a great idea.”
Because I was pretending to be somebody that I wasn’t, it was actually damaging my own immune system after that call.

You think that, oh, that would be my moment where I just turned around and fix things. No, it got worse, I actually ended up having several tragedies happen in my life.
And because my business wasn’t set up to be able to deal with that  things just spiraled down, it just got worse and worse and worse.
I’ve been diagnosed with OCD and we had a tragic death in our family.
I actually ended up latching on to that tragedy.
And every 30 to 60 seconds, I would have flashes of killing myself come to my mind.

I actually went to entrepreneurial groups and said, “Hey, would you hire somebody who helps with mindset if they have to take an anti depressant?” And there were hundreds of comments saying, “No, no, I would never trust somebody who can’t handle that type of thing. If somebody needs an anti depressant, they’re broken.”

That’s what they said. That’s the kind of thing that made me say, you know what, I cannot stand by this industry anymore. I cannot stand by an industry that tells people that if they are in their darkest moment, that they are a lost cause that they need to go pay somebody else in this industry thousands of dollars, instead of going and seeing a medical doctor.
That is so screwed up, guys, that is so screwed up. Nobody bothered to ask, “Okay, why? Why might this person be struggling?”

Nobody wants to hear about assault.
Nobody wants to hear about death.
Nobody wants to hear about the difficult things that come along.

But you have to deal with when you’re a business owner. They just want to pretend like everything’s just fine and peachy keen if you just journal and say your mantras and your affirmations every day.
And guess what?
That’s not the case.
That’s why we have to build brands that work.
That’s why we have to build brands that allow us to live in our lives.

But it was in this darkest moment. It was in this hardest time that things continued to get worse, it continued to spiral.
I finally went and was able to get help. But all of this
all of this would have been so much easier if I hadn’t been pretending to be somebody that I wasn’t.

So why was it so difficult to accept who I was?

Well, here’s the thing, I was listening to all sorts of voices as listening to all sorts of people who told me, “Hey, you’re actually this kind of coach, not this kind of coach”, “Hey, you’re not actually good at what you do,” as if those people had any say, or knowledge about what I’m actually good at.

I also had no perception for the incredible amount of gifts that I brought to the table.
I was looking at what other people were good at and saying, “Well, I’m not good at that. So I must not be amazing at what I’m amazing at.”

I was comparing my amazing against somebody else’s.

And that doesn’t work, guys, it doesn’t work.
Once I actually went and looked at all of my content. And I could see that I have framework upon the framework upon the framework, I realized, oh, shoot, I’m actually really, really good at strategy.
Once I started to actually look at what I was good at, instead of comparing it to what everybody else said that I was supposed to be good at.

Suddenly I realized how brilliant I actually was and ended up texting my sister and saying, “Holy crap, I don’t know if you know this, but I am very smart.” And she said “Yeah, I knew that all along.” 

Yeah, it was the people that I listened to. It was the people who were telling me to pay them money to figure out what I was good at, instead of the people who were saying, “Hey, you’re brilliant at this. Let’s make it even better.”
So if there’s one takeaway one how to that I want you to walk away from this video with go look at your content, go look at what you do with fresh eyes, go look at it as if you’re actually somebody who believes that you might be an expert. 

Because if you can go and you can look and say, “Hey, you know what, I actually am brilliant with this. I actually do to deserve to be at the top of my industry, because I am so good at this and I am so gifted at what I do,” you just might start to believe it.

So in the next video, we’re going to be talking about what was it that made it so that was able to step up, what was it that made it so that I was able to recognize that this entire existence that I had built around myself was a farce and that the real me was actually capable of so much more than the fake of me.

As amazing as it was there’s so much more in me.

So if you want to start to understand how to do that, make sure that you come back next time. Go ahead, subscribe to this channel. I promise you you’re going to get such valuable things as we start to move forward through this video series.

And the best is yet to come.

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