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It’s all fun & games when you use these Bingo Boards to Grow Your Audience, Nurture Them, & then Sell to Them.

Let me tell you something you already know...

You have a gift: You are pretty much the best at starting things.

So many ideas. So many directions you could go. So many things you could do.

Who can blame you when you have such a gift for coming up with incredible ideas the way that you do?

Here’s the thing: Because you are SO DANG GOOD at starting #allthethings, you haven’t slowed down to ask the all important question: Is what you are doing actually working?

Because, well, quite frankly, you getta hella bored hella fast. And when you get that bored, you move to whatever it is that you are in the mood for.

So the question becomes… how do we get you in the mood to get RESULTS on a consistent basis?

Let me tell you something you DON'T know, though...

You are not the problem.

That’s right. For all the ‘fix yourself and fix your world’ mindset coaches out there, I’m about to tell you something completely different:

There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s OKAY that you are the way you are, and in fact, I highly recommend you develop Radical Self-Acceptance for yourself.

And when you do THAT, something insane happens: You can find the strategies that work for getting you in the mood to show up consistently to get the results you know your business is capable of.

You get to work WITH yourself instead of AGAINST yourself.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about gamification for business owners like you and me.

[Beth] saw something in me I didn't know was there and she has helped me grow and shape that into a method of impacting hundreds of moms on a deeply important and personal level.

Sami Bell

Parenting Coach

"It is because of Beth that I am where I am with my portrait business... Now I'm not only reaching the goals I set out for myself, I'm growing at a rate I didn't expect any I'm excitedly dreaming about the next steps in my business growth."

Ashley LaRae Lowder

Birth Photographer

"[Beth's] program is about so much more than your business, it’s about you... Her programs are designed to bring YOU to the forefront of your business... You. Need. Her."

Brianne Hidalgo

Family Documentary Photographer

"I came [to Beth's event] expecting to learn about Marketing, and am leaving knowing exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life."

Tracie Bieler

Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker

Business sure seems like it could be a whole lot easier if you didn’t have such a strong need to make it your own and be unique.

And when you have the need to be unique. it can make it difficult to follow through on a few of the most important skills it takes to be successful in business:

Decisiveness. Consistency. Sticking to one thing.

It feels like the things it takes to be successful are by their nature innately against YOUR nature. Right??

So the question becomes – how do you make those boring “Spinach” activities in business feel like Birthday Cake?

(Hat Tip to you, Popeye the Sailor Man. I know what makes things strong.)

Here's the biggest struggle for business owners with minds like yours:

When you can see options, opportunity and endless future paths, how can you be expected to commit to just ONE of those paths?

Short answer? You do it anyway.

Don’t worry – I’m not telling you to give up on your variety and playful curiosity. I’m telling you that we find what the right path is for you, and set your creative mind loose on THAT path.

It’s not about limiting you. It’s about focusing all your power in one single direction… And using your creativity in the confines of games to satisfy your need for exploration.

Why Games?

There are a few reasons I believe in using games to overcome ‘squirrel brain’. Just to name a few:

  1. Your creativity is set loose figuring out how to win the game, so your creativity doesn’t go off doing crazy things to derail your business and sabotage your success.
  2. It’s low-pressure networking where you can see what they people you might be referring REALLY are like… for better or worse.
  3. It gets you to get things done because your objective changes from overthinking what you need to accomplish to making your move.
  4. It forces you to strengthen the neuropathways in your brain that help with business skills like being decisive, solving problems and finding cooperative compromises in social situations.
  5. You snap into a structured way of thinking about abstract ideas, which allows you to translate that skill into your marketing and business.
  6. You stop stressing and start having FUN.

Ready to get out of your own way?

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